Your Parents Are Emotionally Immature

How can you deal with emotionally immature parents?
I would define an emotionally immature parent as someone who lacks the emotional development needed to recognize how they feel, be okay with it, and move onto parenting their child. Emotionally immature parents get hung up on their own experience and are unable to really be there for their children. In many ways I can see this overlapping with emotionally unavailable parents, because if they can’t handle regular life emotions, how can they emotionally support their children?
When I was reading up on this topic I came across an article on the blog “heart spirit mind” and they really did a great job describing emotionally immaturity, they said “Emotionally immature individuals walk through life blaming their problems on the people in their lives or their situations and circumstances. They blame others for their anger, sadness, and depression, but rarely look inwardly. Instead of assuming responsibility for how they feel, they expect others in their life to see their points of view. They attempt to control others which is something you cannot control.
Emotionally immature people are emotionally dependent. They seek to find reasons to justify their feelings and often are skilled at manipulating others. Rather than accept what is, emotionally dependent people tend to obsess about how to get others to think like them. They will resort to unhealthy behaviors to get their way, even if it cost them what was once a loving relationship.” I am sure that after reading that you can think of a few people you have had to interact within your life who were emotionally immature!

Emotionally Unavailable Mother:

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Relationships with emotionally immature people

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