What should I pack into my bag when I go to the hospital to deliver my baby. What Parents Ask

Going to the hospital to deliver your baby can be exciting and scary. Dr Debmita Dutta lists out the things you will need to carry with you to be comfortable
Hospital essentials for pregnant women
A checklist for mommy –Nightdress and Dressing gown .A loose fitting dress to wear on the way back home. Slippers, toiletries Your favourite books and magazines. Some music to pass the time. Nursing bra, tissues, towel socks, shawl, sanitary napkins, important odds and ends
For daddy-A change of clothes,cash,credit & Debit cards. Medical insurance papers. Camera,phone & charger.
For baby a receiving blanket,Baby cap and socks,Nappies, Onesies (at least 4-5) Jacket, waterproof sheets & Cotton Sheets.
Enjoy a stress free pregnancy!
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