What is Your Green Poop Telling You?

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Should you be concerned if your poop is green? Find out what green poop means for your health, plus how to get rid of it naturally.

So what’s the deal with green poop? Is it something to be concerned about? Or is it no biggie?

Your poop says a lot about your health. And that means it’s important to pay attention to things like form, frequency, odor, and—yep—color.

But before you panic, know this: Green poop may actually signal that you’re eating a lot of leafy greens and chlorophyll rich foods, which is a good thing!

On the flip side, though, green poop can also mean that your digestion needs some major help.

So, if you aren’t downing the green foods or taking iron supplements, green poop can signal that food is moving too fast through your body and this can set you up for malabsorption.

Let’s break it all down.

When everything is working properly, the liver produces bile, which is a light green fluid that’s stored in the gallbladder.

When you eat a meal that contains adequate fat, the gallbladder releases bile to help break down the fatty acids. Bile also signals the pancreas to release digestive enzymes to further breakdown the food we eat every day.

As your food continues to digest, bacteria and enzymes in the large intestine take that bile, and turn it brown, the normal color of poop.

But sometimes these processes move too fast. This can be caused by an imbalance of good gut bacteria, stress, overeating, malabsorption, and even chronic issues like Crohn’s disease or hyperthyroidism.

When that happens, bile isn’t broken down properly and you end up with green poo poos.

To get back on track, you need to support your liver, gallbladder, and overall digestion

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