We Are Rising – Parenting in a Time of Crisis April 27, 2020

Panel discussion with influential parenting experts (Deborah  Reber, Kelli  Belt, Sarah Rosensweet & Julie Burton)
to support parents who are struggling to manage home schooling their kids, cope with stress from the global COVID-19 pandemic, and still be patient, present and loving with their kids even in times of crisis. 

Parents are exhausted and getting tired of being indoors. Kids are getting more antsy, and everyone is getting on each others nerve. The levels of anxiety and depression are on the rise as we continue to shelter in place with no end in sight. 

This discussion will support you in how to:
– Cope with chronic stress and fatigue 
– Respond to kids who are showings signs of stress (i.e. increase anger, defiance or being withdrawn)
– Manage worries and fears about the future 
– Help children cope with continued disruption to their usual life: being away from friends, teacher, family members… 
– Handle sleep disturbances 
– Handle pressures of homeschooling
– Keep relationships healthy under stress

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