Understanding Rhesus Status and Anti-D in Pregnancy

This video discusses the rhesus D antigen on red blood cells. Please note that there are other types of rhesus antigens on red blood cells and this video only focuses on the D type of rhesus antigen.

This video is intended to help with the education and understanding of students of healthcare professions only and is not medical advice. For medical advice see your doctor or other healthcare professional. Whilst significant effort has been taken to make the information accurate it cannot be guaranteed.

This video goes through how the rhesus group of the mother affects the baby, and what we have to do as doctors (and midwives) to prevent rhesus negative mothers developing antibodies to their babies blood.

Please note that we are talking about the Rhesus D protein on the cell membrane of red blood cells. Anti-D, anti-rhesus and anti-rhesus D are all the same thing.

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