Understanding and coping with your child’s mental health during Covid-19

Covid-19 and resulting school closures has disrupted daily life for all of us – but kids, who don’t have the full understanding of what we are dealing with, or simply don’t have the life experience to cope, are suffering when it comes to their mental health. On top of the fear and anxiety this pandemic has caused, the loss of routine, daily exercise and socialization with friends can have a serious impact on a child. Whether you are a parent or a teacher – kids are looking to you for support and guidance during this difficult time. BOKS Kids and SHAPE America have assembled a panel of experts to support you during this difficult time. Join us for a virtual panel where we will discuss:

The challenges kids and families are facing now and can expect to face in post-Covid-19 life;
How kids differ from adults in how they mentally handle the stress and disruption of situations like this;
The not-so-obvious signs that may indicate a child in your life is struggling;
Best practices for parents and teachers to support kids by building connections during this time of distancing;
The role of physical health and the power of physical activity in improving our mental state;
Free resources available to families during this time.

More info: https://www.shapeamerica.org//events/boks-promo.aspx

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