Treating ADHD without medication

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Treating ADHD without medication:

Why is ADHD such a big Epidemic in our Country? The CDC Reports that on average more than 11% of kids are diagnosed with ADHD and is increasing every year!
Now we would think the new and improved ADHD medications would have reversed this, But it has not, and some would say has made it worse.
In Fact Research has shown that ADHD medications such as Ritalin and Adderall have many side effects such as decrease in sleep, energy and behavioral balance which does not help improve ADHD.
You might be wondering what are other ways to Treating ADHD without medication for yourself or your kids and loved ones.
And We are going to talk about 5 different ways to treat ADHD without drugs.
#1 Getting a good proper diet
Most of the patients I see with ADHD problems will be in a state that I call a stress dominant metabolism. This is where the sympathetic Nervous system also known as the fight or flight mode is dominating the bodies functional physiology.
Being in this state slows blood flow to the digestive system which causes improper digestion to receive vital nutrients to the body especially the brain.
It is important to avoid heavy greasy foods, rich fatty meats, high fat dairy products, stimulants such as coffee, tea, alcohol, nicotine and chocolate
It is also very important to eliminate sugars of all types and white starches in the diet.
Make sure to include in your diet 30% of healthy starches such as whole grains, beans, root veggies and squashes. Eat 20% or less of lean proteins and healthy fats such as raw nuts, seeds, extra virgin olive oil, avocados, fish oil and flax seed oil. Eat 50% of your diet with green leafy vegetables.
Studies have shown that by eliminating more sugar and adding healthy proteins/fats and vegetables to your diet can help improve your ADHD symptoms.
#2 is doing neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback in which subjects respond to a display of their own brainwaves or other electrical activity of the nervous system. Studies have shown that Neurofeedback have improved attention span levels the same or more than people on ADHD medications.
#3 Adding omega 3 supplements. Research has also shown by adding doses of at least 450-600 mg/day of EPA in omega 3 fish oils improved attention and hyperactivity symptoms which were reported by both parents and teachers.

#4 Herbs. Now I will just talk about a few of my go to herbs for ADHD which do help improve attention span, cognition, hyperactivity and anxiety.
As Always before trying any of these herbs especially if you are on medications consult with your doctor first!
1st is Ginko biloba and Rosemary: Both these herbs increase blood flow to the brain to help with attention and cognition. You can take this internally or use the rosemary essential oil in a diffuser while at work or studying which will help improve your memory retention.
2nd Avena sativa aka oats, Gotu Kola and Passion Flower. These herbs are great herbs to help with insomnia, anxiety and hyperactivity impulses. You can also take an oat bath to help calm down your nervous system from hyperactivity impulses or anxiety that is very common in ADHD
And 3rd California poppy and Valerian. Both great herbs to help calm impulsivity and can help if you have seizure associated symptoms with your ADHD. Also using California poppy as a neutral bath is great way to calm you down from a stressful day at work or school.
And Last but not least #5 is doing Water fasting on a regular basis. One thing that I find very beneficial to my patients with ADHD and for myself growing up is doing water fasting. Where you are only drinking purified water and no food for a 24 hour period. This allows the body to detoxify and clear the mind. Many religious practices use this method to help clear their mind to be more spiritually connected, in return this practice of doing a water fast once a week can help improve cognitive function and attention.
So that is my top 5 go to alternative treatments for helping my patients with ADHD. Thank you for watching and see you next time on my videos of Docere “Doctor as Teacher”

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