Top 10 Best Foods for Growing Children |10 Superfoods to Become Taller | Healthy Foods for Kids

Top 10 best foods for growing children. These healthy foods for Kids are called super foods and the superfoods mentioned in the video will help your kids to become taller. All these foods are easily available all over the world including India.

All parents want that their kids to grow tall and be healthy.
Here are top 10 foods that help children to grow taller and stay healthy.

1. Milk: Milk is one of the healthiest drinks for growing children. Milk is filled with calcium which is necessary for the growth of bones. Milk also contains protein and other vital nutrients. Milk is one of the best foods for children to grow taller and sharper.

2. Eggs: Eggs are healthy food for growing children. Protein is highly essential for growth of children and eggs are high in protein. Eggs also contain many essential nutrients which are necessary for growth and development of growing children.

3. Whole grains: Whole grains are the powerhouse of energy and rich in vitamin B and iron which promote growth of children. Whole grains are loaded with fiber that improves digestive health and prevents constipation.

4. Brightly coloured fruits: Most of these fruits are the rich source of vitamin A which helps growth and development of children. Remember that fresh fruits are better than fruit juice and choose fruits which are seasonal, cheaper and more importantly tasty.

5. Carrots: Carrots are loaded with vitamin A that helps in the synthesis of proteins in the body.Carrots also improve vision, improve memory, promote digestion and prevent constipation.

6. Cheese: Cheese is a good source of calcium and protein and both of those are essential for child’s growth in terms of height. Cheese is also loaded with vitamin D, vitamin B-6, vitamin A, iron and magnesium which are necessary for child’s growth.

7. Soybeans: Soybeans are rich in proteins that improve the growth of bones and muscles. Soybeans also contain several vital nutrients like calcium and iron which are necessary for child’s growth.

8. Fish: Fish is a rich source of protein which helps to build healthy muscles and bones. Oily fish contain omega – 3 fatty acid which promote eye, brain and neurodevelopment of children.

9. Spinach: Spinach is the good source of iron and calcium and these two essential nutrients help your kid to grow taller. Spinach is naturally rich in water as 90% of it is water that keeps your kids well hydrated.

10. Yogurt: Yogurt is loaded with calcium and protein. Both are essential for child’s growth. Yogurt contains probiotics (living organism) that can help to improve digestive health, prevent diarrhea and constipation.

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DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational and informational purposes only. While we have tried to ensure that the information is sound and accurate, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The information in this video should not be substituted for professional medical advice and opinions. If you are experiencing any ailments, serious or otherwise, always seek professional medical treatment and advice.

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