Tips To Develop Good Reading Habits In Your Child – Parenting Tips

Tips on how to build good study habits and good reading habits in your child! Reading is the best habit which you can help your child imbibe. Books have a way of keeping the imagination alive and transporting us to fantasy land. There are few steps that you can take to back your child’s reading hobby and make him feel special about it too.

Ms. Renu Kaul, Early Childhood Educator & Director – Pallavan (Primary years programme for children aged 1.5 – 10 years) shares some interesting tips on ‘How to Inculcate Good Reading Habits In Your Child?’ in this episode of MOMSPRESSO. An important point that she makes is that if you want your child to take deep interest in reading, you should become his role model and create an environment at home that is conducive to reading.

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