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Developing common cold and flu can be prevented by taking simple measures. Mindful eating and incorporating exercising can do wonders to the immune system effectively preventing catching a cold or flu.
In this video, our Health Coach Darshita Thakkar shares some tips to boost immunity.
Eating habits – including wholesome foods will have a positive effect on the immune system and overall health. To preventing cold or flu, one should eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C, K, E, D, B12 etc.
Several phytochemicals and proteins support the immune system and therefore one should eat foods that are rich in these. Keeping the body well hydrated is also important as well. So, drink plenty of water and fluids for better immunity. Also, water has the ability to flush out infections.
Exercising – studies have revealed that regular exercises boost immunity and can prevent the development of respiratory infections. As per research, exercises increase the WBC and antibodies. This can effectively prevent cold, flu or other infections.
Date the sun – adequate levels of Vitamin D is crucial for stronger immune. Studies have revealed that Vitamin D deficiency can make a person susceptible to respiratory infections. To avoid this, get at least 30 minutes of sun exposure every day and eat foods that are fortified with Vitamin D.
Sleep – not getting enough sleep can seriously impair the body’s immunity. When you do not sleep properly, the body is more prone to catching infections, cold and flu due to the weakened immune response. While sleeping, our body produces a protein called cytokines.
This cytokines regulate the immune function and help the body fight infections. When you don’t sleep well, the body cannot produce enough cytokines directly affecting the body’s immune response.
Stress – When it comes to immunity, stress also plays a role in it. A stressed-out body and mind weaken the immune system inviting cold, cough, flu and infections. Therefore, manage stress by meditating, exercising or enrolling in any other activities that help minimise stress.

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