Tips for Dads During Pregnancy

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1. Be Humble
The reason I say be humble is that there will be a lot of things that you are unsure about and a lot of questions you may have in the coming months. There were a lot of questions I had to go to my wife about because she is the woman, she is going through the different things, her body is changing… and so I needed to be humble. I needed to ask her, “how are you feeling today? It’s the first trimester, you aren’t showing a bump yet, but still, your body is changing… are you feeling nauseated? Are you throwing up? How are you feeling?” Ask a lot of questions. Take time to be compassionate and caring in all parts of your wife’s pregnancy. While I am at work and she is at work I don’t know what is going on throughout the day, so it is key to be humble and inquire into her and her day.

2. Be Involved
How can you “Be Involved”? There will be a numerous amount of prenatal visits that you should definitely be at. Maybe talk to your wife about the ones that are really close together and the doctor just comes in to say, “Hey, how are you doing? Did you pee today? How are you feeling? Great see ya next time!” and then the doctor is back out of the door in 5 minutes. Maybe those visits you wife is fine flying solo. My wife personally did not need me for those quick check-in visits, but the bigger visits I was definitely right there by her side. It was a great time to ask questions, learn, and be involved!

3. Be Understanding
One of the biggest questions men have once their wife gets pregnant, “Can we still have intercourse?” The answer is yes. From a health standpoint, it is perfectly fine to have intercourse during pregnancy. There is a “Mucus Plug” that rests in the woman’s cervix that protects the baby from any bacteria that may try to work its way into the uterus. Because of this, you are safe and cleared to have intercourse during pregnancy.

4. Be Willing
There may be a lot of things you are going to be called upon to do and it is much better to ask somebody to do something if on the other end of that ask is going to be a willing spirit. So, if you wife asks you, “Can you please practice these breathing techniques?”, you response ought to be, “Heck Yeah!” Your response should NOT be… “Uh, do I haaaave to… I don’t know, I’m gonna feel sooo duuumb! Like whaaat. I don’t wanna do that”. DON’T do THAT! Be excited. Be willing and available to help her with those breathing techniques. Because when push comes to shove (no pun intended) you are going to be in the hospital and she is going to need you as her Husband Hero (as I like to call it) to be the one to help her breath through all of those contractions. At the end of the pregnancy, labor, and delivery do you want her to look back and say “What a tool, he was not helpful” or do you want her to say, “Wow, he was so willing, he was there for every step of the way, and I am so grateful!”. You can be one of those two people. It is your choice.

5. Be Praying
Be praying for you, your wife, and your child. And when I say your child I don’t mean just pray that the child doesn’t cry a lot, that it sleeps through the night, and that it never disturbs you. Because that is just unrealistic expectations and you will probably be disappointed. What I mean is to pray for your wife’s strength, pray that she would be encouraged, pray that she would be full of confidence and power! See the thing is pray is huge because that is what gives the support to your wife. It shows that you are not only caring for her with words but you are caring for her by calling on the God of this universe to empower her on this journey.


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