The Role of Parenting Support Programs in Promoting and Sustaining Playful Parenting

In light of the risks the COVID-19 pandemic and its mitigation measures have created on children’s human rights, various organizations have highlighted the heightened need to support children’s right to play. A wide variety of international organizations have developed and shared tips, programs and a vast amount of resources for families in order to support their own and their children’s mental health, as well as their children’s learning, development and well-being during this crisis. Acknowledging the importance of safeguarding the mental well-being of children during the crisis, one of the central tenets in many of the resources is the importance of play and the therapeutic role it has in helping children recover a sense of normality and joy. Continuing to promote play, warm and responsive interactions and positive discipline practices is seen as critical in ensuring a psychosocial and social-emotional environment, that supports children’s development and well-being.


– Diego Adame, Director, Playful Parenting, LEGO Foundation
– Dr. Giorgio Tamburlini, President, Centre for Child Health and Development (Centro per la Salute del Bambino)
– Anduena Alushaj, Program Manager, Centre for Child Health and Development (Centro per la Salute del Bambino)
– Dr. Jelena Zajeganovic-Jakovljevic, Early Childhood Development Specialist, UNICEF Serbia
– Kristina Drini, Junior Educational Specialist, Center for Interactive Pedagogy


– Dr. Konstantina Rentzou, Senior Program Manager, ISSA

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