The Path Of The Conscious Parent With Dr. Shefali – Mindvalley Masterclass Trailer

It’s not that your parenting style is bad…😕 ’But sadly, what you want for your child probably comes from your own brokenness’ 💔 Find out why in our FREE Conscious Parenting Masterclass by parenting expert Dr. Shefali Tsabary 👉

If you thought that the holy grail 🏆 of parenting was discipline…prepare to have your mind blown 💥 …

What if we were to tell you that you’d bought into control-based paradigm from your childhood that would bring you inevitable stress 🤯 and that was the root of all bad parenting?

Get ready to learn how connection must come before correction ☝️

Get ready to change your relationship with your children, parents and yourself 👪

Get ready to discover the BEST parenting hacks of all time!

See you in the Conscious Parenting Masterclass! 👉

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