The Parenting Puzzle

Decoding Your Children’s Behavior

A new parenting course from The Montessori Foundation led by Lorna McGrath, Coordinator of The Montessori Family Alliance

This course is designed to help parents turn their homes into peaceful havens rather than battlefields. Based on years of working with children of all ages, Lorna provides by cultivating closeness, cooperation, and communication.

Learn how to stop squabbles, resolve conflicts peacefully, encourage each person to do their personal best, reduce power struggles, meet children’s emotional needs, and create strong parenting partnerships.

Along with issues raised by parents participating in this course, we will address the following issues:

having time to breathe
raising confident children
feeling part of a family community
communicating with honesty and respect
enjoying your time together as a family
learning how to work out solutions without creating excessive family drama
creating a home environment that is is filled with peace, understanding, and harmony
Participant Bonuses

Downloadable resources (checklists, worksheets, PDF guides, etc.)
Access to a private group with other students
1-on-1 or group coaching calls
Direct email access
Monthly live calls or webinars with you
Discounts on other products or services
Course completion certification

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