The Inspire Life Podcast – Being the Best Parent for Your Kids with Samantha Moe

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“Life with kids is… Exciting, to say the least. Those who are parents know that the joys and happiness parenthood brings also comes with its share of frustration, anger, meltdowns, sadness… You get the picture. Listen in as Michael interviews Samantha Moe, creator of the Mad2Glad parent coaching blueprint, to learn how we all can support our children and tap into their needs, creating more peace and ease in our relationships with our kids. Samantha has worked in pediatrics for much of her career in several roles, from working directly with children with communication disorders to now being a professional speaker and parent coach. Her brain first technique helps parents and kids see results quickly, that can last a lifetime.

Check out Samantha’s free gift at the link below! Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the free guide Beneath the Behaviors: 11 Reasons Emotionally Intense Kids Act Out.”

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