The 24 to 48 hour rule: Your solution to a stress free, drama free life.

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Hey, hey everybody. Shaun Hasdall here with “Get Lean in 12.” And for those of you who aren’t familiar with me, I’m a 45-year-old stubborn fat expert who’s helped over 100,000 people across the globe in the last five years with my products and services. And inside this mindset video, I’m going to talk about how to react to stressful situations with what I call the 24 to 48-hour rule.

So I have a tendency to go off on people when I get bad service, whether it’s a restaurant or any type of service that I’m paying for. I’m a stickler for customer service. We have helped over 100,000 people ourselves with our company, and so I pride myself that the customer is always first.

But I have an issue with my behavior in the way that I react to stressful situations. By going off and getting angry at somebody, I know my body’s releasing more fight or flight hormones and cortisol, which is your belly fat hormone.

An example is driving down the road. Say you’re in a 55 mile an hour zone, and somebody pulls out in front of you, and they decide to go 40 or 45. Well, the initial reaction would be to pound on the horn, and give him the finger, and get all angry about it. But every time you do that, your fight or flight hormones kick up, and you stress yourself out, and you put your body into a fat storing environment, and it ages your body faster.

Another example is I was coming home from the gym the other day, and I pulled in, and my lawn guy destroyed my lawn. He completely destroyed my lawn. I had the most beautiful lawn in our subdivision, and this dude butchered it so short that the sun was going to fry it, and there was clippings everywhere. I wanted to immediately pick up the phone to go off on him. But then I remembered the 24-hour rule.

And that is that every time you get angry, or you want to react emotionally to a situation, or somebody does something hurtful to you and you want to go off on them, just simply wait 24 to 48 hours to calm down. Let your emotions settle down. Let the irrational behavior go away. And then come back and revisit that situation again, and you will react totally different.

So instead of going off on my lawn guy, I simply waited a day. I texted him. I said, Scott, you’re a great guy, but I’m no longer in need of your services. Now if I’d have reacted right when I pulled in the driveway, I would’ve probably called him a few choice names, I would have stressed myself out, and I would have had a worse day.

So one of the main things to remember about the 24 to 48-hour rule also, is that you should never, ever, ever take anything personal. Remember, when somebody is angry at you, does something hurtful to you, which is going to happen to all of us, it’s usually about them, not you. So I always remember the four agreements from the book. I don’t know if you’ve ever read the book, but I recommend the book, “The Four Agreements.”

The four rules are, don’t take anything personal, don’t make assumptions. Because usually when all is said and done, there’s a lot more said than done, and we end up being wrong. Always be impeccable with your word, and then always do your best. If you follow those four rules– don’t take anything personal, don’t make assumptions, be impeccable with your word, and always do your best– you’re going to release less stress hormones, and you’re going to wear more belly fat. And the most important aspect, you’re going to be a happier, healthier person.

So thanks for watching this video, and keep going strong.

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