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holistic way of making stress free student and scholar.

Bright spark Academy conducts Memory masterclass & Student NLP workshop
to help students’ memories 10x times faster and manage stress, exam fear using NLP techniques.

Our Mission is to make stress free teenage and scholar.

  • Do this ONE simple technique to reverse memory loss overnight.
  • A Masterclass In Lean Eating Designed Specifically For People Who've Had Trouble Losing Weight.
  • A complete step by step training program that will teach how to capture pro photos.
  • Develop your powers of recall to an impressive level as well as the recipe for memory spice
  • How about increasing your ability to memorize by 500 in just 30 days
  • Speed read over 25,000 wpm Reduce stress, and learn more efficiently
  • Messy kids - no problem, print as many Kids Cookbook copies as you need
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