Stress Free Pregnancy – interview with Kaleen Richards

Welcome!Today I am interviewing Kaaleen Richards.
As a nurse midwife, Kaleen has worked hard to be able to offer families all birth options: home birth, birth center, and hospital birth.

She started out as a doula and childbirth educator in 1996 before getting her RN degree 2000. She believes all women benefit from prenatal care with a midwife due to the emphasis of the Midwifery Model on education, partnership, and natural childbirth.

Birth can be Dramatic but shouldn’t be traumatic! Educating women and families on safety of out of hospital birth, cost savings, and overall improved outcomes is current focus.

Kaleen has three amazing sons, two of which were born at home with a midwife. As a health care provider, she encourages natural remedies for healing and has taken courses to increase her knowledge. She does however take pride in her ability to offer medication when necessary.

Kaleen believes all women deserve to make choices during their birth process and it is an honor to help offer natural childbirth options to families in our community.

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About my channel:
The Stress Free Pregnancy YouTube channel gives viewers tips and information from experts about Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood. Susana Lopes is a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher and a women coach and on her daily work she serves and gives support to the needs of new mothers and their babies.

She is also the founder of the Stress Free Pregnancy program. Susana Lopes is the author of the upcoming book Yoga and Motherhood, a member of the APPPAH (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health) and owner of a wellness and yoga studio in Norway. She has over fiteen years of experience in meditation and classical yoga practices adapted to pregnancy and her teachings are all about helping women to go back to themselves, to their body and breath, improve their personal space, listen to their needs and their baby’s needs, communicating with their baby, creating peace for themselves and their little one.

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