Stress Free Pregnancy – Interview with Julie Gerland

Julie Gerland has spent her life helping people live healthy, happy and empowered lives. She has served individuals, couples, parents, professionals and organisations to create a thriving world for themselves and future generations. Her expertise and advocacy in prenatal parenting, HypnoBirthing® training, the sub-conscious mind and a conscious approach to health and wellbeing have gained her an international reputation and several international awards including an honorary doctorate in Holistic Medicines. Julie has represented non-governmental organisations at the United Nations spearheading advocacy teams, she is an award-winning co-author, a passionate speaker, including a TEDx talk, and trainer. She has initiated several global projects including on maternal and youth empowerment and is the co-founder of Association Suryoma, Birthing The New Humanity and Birth The Change®.

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About my channel:
The Stress Free Pregnancy YouTube channel gives viewers tips and information from experts about Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood. Susana Lopes is a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher and a women coach and on her daily work she serves and gives support to the needs of new mothers and their babies.

She is also the founder of the Stress Free Pregnancy program. These are 1on1 sessions to help pregnant women better manage the stress of their daily lives and deeply connect with their baby inside, creating a positive and nurturing environment for babies to grow and develop and have the best start in their lives.

Susana Lopes is the author of the upcoming book Yoga and Motherhood, a member of the APPPAH (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health) and owner of a wellness and yoga studio in Norway. She has over fiteen years of experience in meditation and classical yoga practices adapted to pregnancy and her teachings are all about helping women to go back to themselves, to their body and breath, improve their personal space, listen to their needs and their baby’s needs, communicating with their baby, creating peace for themselves and their little one.

Susana is also a mother of three lovely children, who remind her every day how good it was to bond with them before birth and continue this intimate connection after birth. It is her mission to support and help women feel more calm, confident and bonded with their babies, even in a busy life, so that women can truly enjoy their pregnancy and new life.

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