Stress-Free Christmas

Keep in mind my stress-free do’s and don’ts here are what work for me. If this helps anyone mash Allah.
Mistle-toe (obviously not)
Coquito (eggnog) sure if it’s non-alcoholic
Parandas (traditional latin custom this time of year when folk music, family and friends get together from home to home all night long..) I love this custom but if it involves alcohol I will probably pass)
Christmas trees-Not in my home my kids can go see abuelita’s or Rockefeller if requested.
Visit Santa-Ironically I used to be an elf at Macy’s Herald Square and as magical as it seems so far my kids have not asked to go sit on Santa’s lap..yet.
Re-cap food except pernil and morcillas(you don’t want to know) and I’ll have the chicken pasteles, thank yo., F amily, friends and paranda music all good and just go along play everything by ear in Shaw Allah people will understand and if they don’t well you did what you could.

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