Simerjeet Singh Motivational Speech in Hindi | Apne Manufacturing Defects Jaano #CoachOnCampus EP2

Simerjeet Singh Motivational Speech in Hindi | Apne Manufacturing Defects Jaano #CoachOnCampus EP2

Hindi motivational speaker and student coach Simerjeet Singh presents to you the #CoachOnCampus series that was shot at DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jalandhar early this year.

As Simerjeet Singh continues his five mantras for success, he touches upon the subjects of self awareness and self discovery – to figure out what it is that will make students self driven and not forced to go to work/study. By learning to decode one’s own thoughts, dreams, desires and mapping them against natural talents, inclinations and skills, Simerjeet Singh says one can easily set upon the quickest route to self actualization of goals.

Highlighting the free availability of knowledge, Simerjeet urges students to make use of the modern gifts of technology in the right way so that there is knowledge gain and comprehension, not just meaningless acquisition of knowledge. Simerjeet also gives tips on how to keep yourself motivated and consistently driven towards goals.

Aimed at inspiring students, this motivational video also serves as a potent playbook for entrepreneurs and professionals going through challenges in their lives. Inspired by the best seller Atomic Habits, Simerjeet Singh shares valuable insights from the book that can be easily followed. The changes created by these insights are so transformational that one may experience complete shift in their thought process and way of life.

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We all have our manufacturing defects and we all have to work on our manufacturing defects to get succeed in our life. In this self-discovery video, you will find many self-improvement tips in Hindi which will not only be useful for youngsters but also applicable to everyone who wants to change their life.

Every youngster thinks about this big question of how to improve yourself. And that’s why, they watch youth motivational videos and that’s also the reason why Simerjeet Singh motivational speaker and #TeamSJS have started the initiative called #CoachOnCampus and #AskSJSHindi

In this self-motivation speech, Indian youth can find their answers to the self-improvement Kaise Kare.

For more self-improvement motivation videos, stay tuned!

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