(SDA Sermons) Mark Finley – "Getting Through Life’s Toughest Times" – 2019

In this Seventh-day Adventist ( SDA ) sermon presented by HopeLives365, Pastor Mark Finley gives biblical truth and hope when you find yourself struggling with the Tough Times of life. “Some time or another a mighty storm will blow across the landscape of our lives. The waves will roar. The winds will be fierce and we will wonder if we have the strength to make it through. Often storms surprise us with their suddenness. We have no choice when the storm will come, its intensity or its duration. We do have a choice of whether we focus on the storm or on the Master of the sea and sky. Christ is with us in every storm and reaches out His strong hand to lift us above the waves and take us from the stormy seas of life to eternity’s sea of glass .” Mark Finley.

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