Scene from Cooperative Parenting and Divorce – co-parenting education

In this sample video from the video program “Cooperative Parenting and Divorce,” a little girl manipulates her parents into a fight. The follow-up scene depicts her mother demonstrating peaceful co-parenting skills by refusing to take the bait.

This co-parenting video program is available from Active Parenting Publishers (

This video-based course gives divorcing or separating parents the power to make positive changes that shield their children from parental conflict and guides them into establishing a long-term relationship with the child’s other parents. Course leaders will play videos like this one to launch a discussion of positive ways to deal with common problems. The step-by-step Leader’s Guide provides details of when to play the videos, how to lead discussion, and how to run the activities that keep the class lively as well as informative.

Parents: to find this class in your hometown, go to
or take the online coparenting class at

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