RRVSD – Anxiety in youth presentation recording

The Red River Valley School Division school social work clinicians present on anxiety in youth. Learn what anxiety is, the difference between anxious feelings vs. anxiety disorders, where anxiety comes from (genetic/brain/societal/environmental factors), as well as strategies & resources. See the RRVSD parent website for daily posts and more information on topics such as anxiety, mental health, self care, parenting and more! https://sites.google.com/rrvsd.ca/resourcesforparents/home

Anxiety in Youth Resources

Canadian Mental Health Association – http://www.cmha.ca
Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba – http://www.adam.mb.ca/
Anxiety Canada – https://www.anxietycanada.com/
Mindfulness based stress reduction – http://www.chcm-ccsm.ca/compassion-project/
AbilitiCBT Virtual Therapy Program (FREE during COVID-19) – https://manitoba.ca/covid19/bewell/virtualtherapy.html
Mood Gym – Australian National University – https://moodgym.anu.edu.au/welcome

GoNoodle https://youtu.be/fTzXFPh6CPI
Fight, Flight, Freeze: For Teens https://youtu.be/rpolpKTWrp4

Mindshift: CBT-based anti-anxiety strategies
Calm in the Storm: Coping strategies for stress reduction
Headspace: Mindfulness tools and meditations
Smiling Mind: Meditation for all ages

School resources:
Guidance counsellors
Social workers
Occupational therapist

Community Resources:
Community mental health 888-310-4593
Mental health crisis 888-617-7715

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