Roots of Violence: Childhood Traumas: Adulthood Problems — DiAnna Ritola & Aaron Wissner

Minister and counselor DiAnna Ritola and community educator Aaron Wissner discuss the roots of violence, childhood trauma, parenting of children, adult problems, the violence cycle, and ways to be nurturing and guiding of children for maximum happiness and agency.

Keywords include: parenting, attachment theory, tough love, compassionate love, maternal love, nurturing love, abuse, neglect, trauma, violence, emotions, anger, fear, terror, history, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), assault, rape, economic systems, racial inequality, anger, hate, violence, military, war, shell shocked

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About DiAnna Ritola

Rev. DiAnna Ritola is a sex educator and counselor, Interfaith Minister, and Dianic Wiccan Priestess who has been studying, speaking, and practicing at the intersections of spirituality and sexuality as they come alive in intimate relationships since 2007. She advocates releasing shame associated with sexuality, body image, and sex and religion to celebrate the joy and adventure of embodiment through reclaiming our birthright as spiritual sexual beings. DiAnna lives in New York City with her wife, Michele Fitzsimmons, their cat, Lilith, and their dog, Brigid.


About Aaron Wissner

Aaron Wissner founded Local Future, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization which helps communities envision positive, “sustainable” futures. As president, he organized and directed dozens of events including: organizing the series of five annual Local Future conference, culminating in The International Conference on Sustainability, Transition and Culture Change: Vision – Action – Leadership 2012. The Local Future (a.k.a. New Culture) education channel on YouTube features over 200 ad-free educational videos, with over one million views.

Wissner served as a teacher in public schools for twenty-five years, including teaching students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade, in subject areas including: mathematics, science, computers, video production, digital journalism, business applications, and student leadership. As well as assorted extracurricular and co-curricular activities, such as track & field coach, Odyssey of the Mind coordinator, robotics coordinator, chess club coach/coordinator, student council advisor, etc. Wissner also served as an educational leader and negotiator at the local, county, regional, state, and national level.

Some Works by Aaron Wissner

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