Replay Heal Your Anger Q&A with Anger Expert: Afshan Tafler

Miss the LIVE session?
No worries – we know things are busy and we want to help you during these crucial times!!!

With all that is going on in the world and our homes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. And when we are stressed, it is to get triggered, feel anxious and even angry!!!

That was really clear in our LIVE Q&A session today with Anger expert Afshan Tafler.

Everyone on the call could relate to those moments where you’re at your max, you’ve had enough and then regretfully lose your cool.
Soon afterwards, the guilt and shame is draining and leaves us feeling like we’re failing and exhausted.
You are not alone in this experience.

And there is an Evolved way of being with and expressing your anger.

We feel your pain and want to help you!
In fact, Afshan generously offered a deep discount for her course called The 7 Steps to Transforming Anger – The Conscious Way.

This incredibly transformative course  is based on her proven 7-Step approach to healing reactive anger patterns at the root cause level. You will find a way to take hold of those triggering moments and be in control – in the drivers seat – knowing exactly how to calm yourself and get your child to feel more calm too!

She will teach you:
✔ why having that immediate angry reaction is NOT YOUR FAULT (it is your nervous system reacting automatically!)
✔ how to shift your angry state in the heated moment
✔ and strategies on what to do with your kids in those triggering moments

Watch this replay and click this link to get access to the course:

Want to learn more about how this incredible course will make a difference for you and your loved ones? Check out the FREE webinar:

Hosted by: Natalie Syrmopoulos
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