RainBowl Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light – Funny & Unique Birthday Gift Idea for Dad, Mom

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Toilet Bowl Night Light with Motion Sensor LED by RainBowl – Funny & Unique Birthday Gift Idea for Men, Him, Dad, Boyfriend, Husband, Women, Her, Mom – Cool Fun Gadget, Best Gag Housewarming Present

• 👌🏽 FUN AND SAFETY GO HAND IN HAND. You must know that feeling when, woken up by nature’s call you’re lying in bed, planning your bathroom trip. Whether you’re stressed about turning on the blinding lights, bumping into stuff (FYI, there are yearly over 30.000 toilet related injuries in the US alone) or worried about waking up your better half, RainBowl is the BEST SOLUTION.

• 🎁🎅🏻 Spare Santa the trip, 2019 is your time to be the funniest GIFT GIVER ever! DON’T KEEP ALL THE AWESOMENESS TO YOURSELF! Hands down, have you ever seen a more practical & unusual GIFT IDEA? Mugs & other boring presents are ancient history! Whether it’s your mother & father ‘s anniversary, a co-worker’s retirement or a white elephant exchange party, this novelty brings a smile to everybody’s face! Unlike other gag gifts, this smart device will also prove USEFUL.

• 🚽 FLAWLESS SENSORS set off the motion activated nightlight only at nighttime, when you need it most and in order to SAVE ENERGY RainBowl will stay on for just 2 minutes after last detected movement. THE STURDY ADJUSTABLE ARM allows an EASY INSTALLATION on ANY TOILET BOWL. Forming a firm grip around the toilet rim, it makes sure the lighting accessory STAYS SNUG, without dropping whenever you raise or lower the seat. So simple.

• 🌈 THE MULTI COLOR CAROUSEL will entertain your child while POTTY TRAINING. Simply by pressing a single button your toddler can choose to freeze his / her favorite rainbow shade and, if he / she gets bored, press again to switch back to the SMOOTH COLOR TRANSITIONING mode. The LED lamp at the end of the rod is encased in FULL ABS PLASTIC preventing water damage from casual splashes. However, please be gentle.

• 💯 LIFETIME WARRANTY – If anything goes wrong with the product, we GUARANTEE its replacement. If you ever have an issue, SIMPLY CONTACT US and we’ll make it up to you. Or get in touch anyway, we won’t bite. Our team is well known for a top customer service. Remember, we are here to help.

Product Description
RainBowl Toilet Light
Not all heroes wear capes, some will turn on the light so you don’t have to!
If you can have the COMFORT and FUN you need in your home, why miss out?

Enjoy the benefits of welcoming RainBowl in your home…

RainBowl Toilet Night Light
It makes your life and your family’s life easier

Well for starters, going to the bathroom at nighttime will stop being such a pain in the neck. Forget about stumbling around, being blinded by the big lights and asking yourself if you’ll ever be able to see again.

RainBowl also helps people around the world save their marriages… It’s all fun and games until you wake up hubby from his/her beauty sleep when going to the bathroom.

And if that’s not enough, do it for your good night sleep, exposure to bright light at night might disrupt sleep patterns.

RainBowl Toilet Night Light
It’s a parenting Win-Win
What kind of sorcery is this?!

None of that, just a clever parenting aid. RainBowl allows parents to hot-wire their kids into actually loving to use the restroom by themselves.

Everybody knows that children reach a certain age where fear of the dark becomes unavoidable, but certainly outgrowable. Start spook-proofing your home with RainBowl and help your kid conquer his/her fears.

With this gadget and a touch of your imagination you can work wonders when teaching your little one to use the toilet or potty (take a moment and read some of our parent customers’ insights for inspiration).

A game changer thanks to its awesome features
RainBowl Toilet Night Light
RainBowl Toilet Night Light
RainBowl Toilet Night Light
RainBowl Toilet Night Light
RainBowl works when needed so expect it to turn and stay on ONLY when it’s dark and when someone walks into the bathroom.

It will turn off 2 minutes after last detected movement (clapping won’t do the trick but we’re working on that feature).

Simply insert 3 AAA batteries (not included), adjust the exterior arm, place it on your toilet’s rim and turn the lights off. That’s literally it!

One size fits all: The exterior adjustable arm allow you to mount this device on any potty or toilet.. or bathtub or swimming pool (joking about the last two).

That’s right… one button, 8 COLORS. They range from “Eye of Sauron Red” to “Interdimensional Portal Blue” and of course “Kryptonite Green”.

You just have to press the button to freeze your favorite (one-color-freeze mode) and press again if you want to restore color rotation (8-colors-carousel mode).

Guys, imagine Luke Skywalker vs. the Death Star… times ten. Missing the target is not an option anymore thanks to RainBowl.

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