Productivity Tips for Work From Home Moms & Handmade Business Owners

If you’re a work from home mom and you’re struggling to get more done and be productive in your business, this video is for you. I’ve brought on my very good friend and business buddy, Stacey Trock who’s a mom and who also runs her own business. I met Stacey in 2013. She started and used to run Fresh Stitches, an amigurumi crochet pattern business. She’s written crochet books, she’s taught classes on Craftsy or BluPrint, and Creative Live, and in a ton of fiber arts conference. You might have heard of her. She sold Fresh Stitches a few years ago and now freelances as a marketing consultant, copywriter and social media expert. I figure, since I don’t have any human kids of my own, that Stacey would be the next best person to bring on to share with you how to be more productive as a work from home mom.

Stacey has played such a huge role in helping me and my own businesses grow, so I’m excited to share with you her six tips on productivity. This video is totally free for you to watch, so please hit the like button, subscribe to my channel for more handmade business tips, and leave a comment below with your favorite tip or a tip of your own that you’d like to share with us. Let’s bring Stacey on.


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