Preparing for Lent During Pregnancy | Midwife and Doula Discuss Fasting Tips for Pregnant Catholics

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It is the season of Lent in south Louisiana! This is a very special time for Catholics in my area. Although the Catholic church does not require pregnant women to fast during Lent, many women still desire to participate. However, not all dietary restrictions during pregnancy are safe, and fasting practices are not safe for all pregnancies. One specific issue I often see is that in South Louisiana, the Lenten season often leads to an increase shellfish consumption (we have some great shellfish in Louisiana!) which can lead to a tremendous amount of uncomfortable and worrisome swelling during pregnancy.

In today’s Midwife Monday video Midwife Kira and “Jenny the Doula” will discuss alternative tips for fasting during lent including pregnancy-friendly diet choices, along with some non-diet related fasting options.

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