Pregnancy Myths – Old wives' tales or Truth? – Pregnancy Tips

The first thing you will learn after becoming pregnant is that you have become a ripe target for unsolicited advice. While some advice is accurate, other bits of advice are out of this world!

On this episode of Momspresso, we discuss some of the most common pregnancy myths out there. ‘If your baby is positioned high, does that mean its a boy?’ ‘Eat more! Now you have to eat for two’. Which of these have any truth attached to them? See how many myths YOU may have heard during YOUR pregnancy!

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  • Holisitc remedies for common pregnancy ailments and natural childbirth
  • Learn The Myths That Have Held Back Your Progress and Get On The Path To Build A Fit Body
  • Look great and feel amazing during your pregnancy and beyond.
  • A Guide To Working Out While Pregnant and A Memoir: Delivery Room Dramas.
  • Discover The Leading Pregnancy Resources For Infertility Problem.
  • Training programs tailored to fit the needs of moms and moms-to-be throughout their pregnancy.
  • Increase your chances of pregnancy with these proven relaxation yoga techniques.
  • Learn on how to get pregnant and find the solution of your pregnancy problem
  • You can prevent and cure heart disease and reverse damage without statin medication.
  • Discover The Historical Facts Are Poetically Weaved Into The Myths.
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