Potty training for dogs made Easy

Nothing is more problematic than house training gone wrong. Here are some tips to make it easy and smooth. Don’t forget to download my e-book “60 minutes to a well trained dog” at www.dogtraininganytime.com
The Crate

There is no negative aspect to crating a puppy if it is done properly. Keep all crate sessions short and fun. When first teaching a dog to be alone you must do it in intervals.

1. A crate keeps puppy safe when you are not home.
2. It is a powerful aid for potty training if correctly used .
3. Keeps home and pup safe.
4. Provides the dog with a structure in his day-day life.
5. It’s a place for the dog to nap after socializing, playing and training.
6. Most dogs will have to be in a crate at some point in their lives: at the vet ,groomers, or boarding. If your dog is already accustomed to being in a crate, this can reduce stress.

Properly introduce the crate

Equipment: Toys, treats ,Quality rubber bone that you can stuff treats in and freeze if needed. Small edible healthy treats cut up ready to be given. Safe Crate: Fits the size of the dog he can stand and turn around in.

You control everything
* You are the educator and need to control every moment of your dogs time. That means 100 percent Management of the puppy’s time.” Don’t pass out, I can hear the deep breathing of stress lol ” This is why a crate will avoid you from loosing your mind. And give you a realistic approach to managing your puppy’s time.
* Dogs are inherently clean animals . Crating is not a permanent set up . Once a dog is trust worthy they will receive the freedom.

SET UP IN A Safe room –
1. Crate pre set up with a safe toy and a play pen around the crate .
2. Place dog in crate with door open and a treat and toy already in the crate waiting and a play pen on the outside around the crate with the floor covered in case of an accident.
3. Allow the dog to acclimate and do not interact only if needed by walking by and placing a treat or another toy.
4. Step out of the room for just a moment then reenter and continue ignoring the dog but walk over and drop a treat.
5. Walk back out of the room for just a bit longer.
6. Take the dog out of the crate and go out and offer a potty and play break .
7. Note; You must do this for many days and leave for short times and mix the times up .

NEVER USE THE Crate as A punishment OR A LONG STAY

When do I put the puppy in the crate?
* Remember: The puppy must of already been fed -potty pee and poop as well had plenty of exercise.
* Sleeping timeWhen
* you need a puppy break
* Puppy needs a break
* When puppy is tired -they need a fair amount of sleeping time when young .
* Place puppy in crate after play, socializing, or training.
* Give him something yummy to chew on while in the crate .
* Make sure to take him for a potty outside before placing in crate

Potty Breaks
* When teaching potty breaks or exercise/ playtime out of the crate
1. You can have in the same room a white noise such as a fan , or calm music.
2. Keep a schedule and a note book or calendar that everyone writes on if they are helping . Example smiley face for potty and a 2 for pooping.
3. Feeding schedule- Water and food all controlled and never free feed.

Here how it works : Potty training/using the crate
For the first few months you will spend a lot of time outside waiting for the puppy to go.
1. Dog must always be on a leash and collar and do not use a retractable leash. Every time the puppy is taken out of the crate he will be walked to the door to go outside unless you think a mistake could occur.
2. You must already have your cue word (trigger word) example: “GO POTTY”
3. Let the pup sniff and investigate in the area you have chosen as the designated location.
4. Once the puppy has eliminated offer a treat saying “ GOOD “ and praise -praise and praise.

Will happen but in time they must get less and less. You can not correct a dog for making a mistake ! If you catch the puppy then quickly grab him and take him outside. If he goes praise him. Also try to coax using the trigger word. Be sure to clean inside with a good cleaner that breaks down the enzyme. It should be quality that will mask the smell for the dog not just the human . Dog smell 400 times what we can. Ask a local pet store.

Puppy – Proof your Home
We are adamant about 100% supervision , but there will be that odd oversight. Make sure to get down on the floor to see everything that could be a hazard toxic, hazardous if it reached your puppy mouth .

Puppy Age Bathroom visits time line
2 months old – Time between bathroom visits is 2 hours or less
3 months old – Time between bathroom visits is 4
4 months old – Time between bathroom visits is 5
5 months old – Time between bathroom visits is 6
6 months old – Time between bathroom visits is 7
7 months old – Time between bathroom visits is 8
# Control food and water intake prior to putting your pup in the crate.

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