Positive Parenting For Effective Communication? क्या आप अपने बच्चों से सही तरीक़े से बात करते हैं

Most of the times we give negative commands to our Kids. This makes the communication ineffective and is responsible for issues between parents and kids. in this video, Nilesh Goswami has given some parenting tips for effective communication with your kids.

This video is a part of my interview conducted by Tushar Goyal (an Industrialist and Real Estate Investor) on his “Think Out Of The Box” Show. Tushar can be reached at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYjj-ycF3g9VG5uwWW56MOg

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I have converted this coverage into 5 short parts to make it easy for you:
Part 1- Why did I Quit the IES Job?
Part 2 – How was my journey to success?
Part3 – How to handle objections from the environment( especially your near dears) when you follow your passion?
Part 4 – What are Guru Mantras of Success?
Part 5 – How can Parents and Teachers play a constructive role in child’s development?

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