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Positive Discipline for Toddlers | Isis Parenting – 2013

Part of the Isis Parenting Expert Speaker Webinar Series
Presented by Kim Bennett and Jeanne Frantz

Do you find yourself saying “No!” far too often, frustrated to the point of yelling, or threatening “time outs” on a daily basis? Your toddler’s developmental stages may result in challenging behaviors, with conflicts or limits that need setting many times an hour. This webinar introduces the concepts behind Positive Discipline, with age-appropriate approaches that meet the toddler’s developmental needs and thought process.

We’ll address common daily challenges for the “under three” crowd: issues around sharing, hitting, tantrums, dressing, mealtime, bedtime or potty-training. We’ll share specific examples and approaches to promote cooperation and mutual respect, while providing kind, firm limits.

Yes, you can practice effective parenting and help your children become responsible, respectful youngsters without “losing it” on a daily basis.

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