Poem – Life Begins at 60

Life Begins at 60, this is a special Poem for all senior citizens of people of 60 plus years.

It is said that you retire at 60, yes but only from your job or your organization but in reality Life Begins at 60 video and life begins at 60 poem are shared in this youtube video.

Shabbar Suterwala a corporate soft skills trainer has put into this seminar tips to help you come out of your comfort zone and find out the best way to live life full of happiness, joy and peace.

How to come out of depression and your comfort zone and enjoy life, a happy life begins at 60.

The best way to live life is stress free and live life tension free. Happiness is life is answering the question who am I and find the purpose of life.

Simple tips and technique to live happily and peacefully and enjoy a stress free, tension free life of happiness.

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