PICKY EATING | Mixed dishes & fussy eaters – what does success look like?

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“Mama, I want more pasta”, have you heard this request? What about when the pasta is part of a mixed dish? Should you give more?

How to get around this without restricting the pasta, but also not having to hunt through the dish to pull out the wanted food.

Mealtime roles video:

If you’re anything like most of the parents I speak to, navigating “junk” food with your kids is a struggle. All you want is for your kids to eat their healthy veggies and proteins, but it feels like the more you push veggies and other healthy foods the more your kids ask for sugary treats and snacks. That’s exactly why I created my new course: Stress-Free Sweets & Eats

Wanna beat mealtime battles with confidence?
Get my ‘3 respectful phrases to beat mealtime meltdowns with confidence’, so you can feed your kids without relying on begging or bribing

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