Parents! Learn how to turn stress into success

Are you losing your cool? Stressed out? Yelling more than you’d like? Feeling defeated? This training is for you! Learn about the stress response and 2 ways to reframe your experience of stress so you can harness stressful moments for to have more motivation, clarity, and purpose. What we resist, persists. I share stress researcher Professor Akinola’s (Columbia University) suggestions.
We can only cover so much in one training, so that’s why I created a free 6-day interactive training for parents like you who want more strategies to find their calm.

I only do this 6-day training a couple times a year… can you think of a better time to learn how to manage your stress and cope with difficult emotions?

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Parents in quarantine, are you finding yourself repeating the same thing over and over? Being ignored? Getting frustrated and losing your cool? Wanting better listening, more cooperation, and everyone to be on the same page? Vanessa Callaghan, MEd. shares key mindset shifts that parents can make to win their kids’ cooperation and get their daily lives running more smoothly.

Get your FREE GUIDE, “Finding Calm in the Chaos: 6 quick and easy strategies for parents to keep their cool in the middle of meltdowns”, so you can find your personal strategy to stay calm and cool, even in the toughest parenting moments:

Vanessa Callaghan, MEd. helps parents of young children build lifelong relationships with their children based on love, respect, and appreciation. She can be reached directly at

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