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So what impact does the anxiety from parents, have on the life of our children and young adults? It’s natural for parents to want to do the best for their children. Good parenting does not come with a manual and is hard to master.
However, scientific research has proven that attitudes of anxious parents, over-anxious, and toxic parents can have a direct impact on your child’s psychology and behaviour. Parents don’t understand anxiety in some cases and can create toxic parent signs in their aim for good parenting, often damaging the mental health of their children, causing them stress and child anxiety.

Children who experience, abuse in the family home, fear, violence, serious illnesses or death in the family, can end up suffering from anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Learned behaviours from over-anxious parents can also teach children to be anxious too.

Overprotective parents who try to remove all the obstacles from their children’s way, who smother them with helicopter parenting or those who use negative parenting techniques can also pass on their anxiety, panic attacks, and fear to their children, often leaving them with child anxiety, dependency issues, separation anxiety, guilt, and a negative self-doubting and self-sabotaging mindset.

Memories of anxiety run deep in children and young adults that have experienced toxic parenting, and often keep them stuck and frozen, tearing away their dreams and goals.

Children suffering from anxiety and panic attacks are more prone to be moody, aggressive, and fearful. They also tend to lose concentration, and withdraw from school and family life, living in isolation and depression.

So as parents we need to be aware of the language we use in the family home remarks like “you are stupid”, will damage your child’s self- esteem, it’s important to focus on positive messages and encourage your children to believe in themselves and raise confident children. We need to be mindful of the thought patterns that we convey to our children and become aware of our own insecurities and fears so that we don’t pass them down to our children.

Help is at hand. I can work with you to learn new anxiety and stress management strategies that will help you better cope and minimize the impact of your anxiety on your child’s development so that you can gain better cope mechanisms, confidence, and self-trust, becoming a good role model for your children, using mechanisms that can help them to better cope too, teaching them to cope with anxiety too. so you can rid yourself of the guilty feeling that you are not good enough, and have not been a good parent.

Young adults may also break free of the memories and learned patterns of parental anxiety and insecurities of not deserving happiness, and not been worthy. Helping you to feel calm once again, confident, and help you to take back control of your life.

I am Myroulla Mallouppa, an Anxiety & Mindset specialist with over 12 years of experience in helping individuals and firms overcome their anxieties, fears, and panic attacks. With my 28 day program we can work at addressing your fears, anxieties and panic attacks, come to the root of the pain and overcome it and with my ongoing one to one support in a confidential private space, work on changing your mindset, so you too can feel confident and take control of your life, freeing yourself to be able to love again, and believe in yourself and your capabilities.

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