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► This video presents: Parenting tips to lead your kids to happy and conscious lives
Number 1. Attitude is everything.
Number 2. Give your children Love and Acceptance Unconditionally
Number 3. Deep Presence and Attention
Number 4. Respect and Dignity
Number 5. Responsibility and Making choices
If you want to attend a parenting class but don’t have any time yet, this video is for you. This video provides you with parenting hacks and tips to make your life and your children’s happier.

The pedagogical strategies behind positive parenting is the same as positive psychology. To raise successful kids, parents need to nurture their innate talents and abilities, along with constructing the strengths to encourage them and boost their self-esteem.

Positive and conscious parenting approach revolves around meeting your child’s essential needs. It doesn’t mean that you have to accept bad behavior, but your child separated from his/her behavior. Maybe they are just craving for your attention, acceptance and love.

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