Parenting Tips On How To Set Sleeping Patterns For Your Children #1

Parenting can be challenging at times especially when your little ones have sleeping problems. Putting your kids in a set sleeping pattern is not easy, but it’s one of the most important things you can do for them. Studies have shown when children don’t get enough sleep it can affect them. For instance, some kids might have difficulties controlling their emotions while others have trouble paying attention in school. They may even have issues controlling their weight.
Leilani Tick Tock Turtle from Emagine A is a bedside alarm clock companion for kids to help them stay on a sleeping schedule. It basically helps deep sleepers and kids who have trouble falling asleep feel well rested and refreshed the next morning. While it does all this, it also teaches kids to count and read.
My baby niece Ella absolutely loves her Leilani Tick Tock Turtle. Even though she is a little too young right now to count the colors, it makes her feel secure at bedtime.
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