Parenting Tips – Homeschool Edition || Stay at Home || Rae Aminu

Forced to stay home during the #COVID19 or work from home, here are some parenting tips for teaching your children, homeschool edition.

Hello everyone! First, I want to express my heart-felt wishes for swift recovery to those parents who are facing and battling the coronavirus. Secondly, I want parents to know that your child’s health, safety, and wellbeing matter first. For the parents who are indoors and struggling with homeschooling, I’d like to show you how I helped my girls follow our schedule and get their homework done. Granted we had a routine before the virus hit, we continued the routine and tweaked it a bit.

You cannot do it all. Pick one battle at a time. I focused more on my Kindergartner’s Math and Reading instead of P.E. and Music. Focus on the essentials.

When summer time arrives, they will be ready – if they continue to learn. It is easy to let them sit on a tablet all day just to get them out of your way. However, remember that their routine of going to a physical school and seeing their friends have been disrupted. So, let’s work together – parents and children – to get through this challenging times.

Finally, communicate your work schedule with your child. Help them get involved in helping you meet your work goals. I plan my study and work time to my children’s reading and nap time. While they complete their school assignments, I try to stay around them and supervise. They ask questions, and I do my best to answer. What I don’t know, I send an email to their teachers that I don’t know – especially after searching on Google too.

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Thank you all..

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