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This talk on the “Psychology of Parenting” helps parents understand what the child needs from the parent in order to develop smoothly. Differentiates poor and healthy styles. Helps parents understand the shadow side of parenting and why parents can’t always parent like they would like. Emphasizes a non-blaming approach and gives helpful insights how to change emotional and psychological confusion into clarity & direction.
If applied, these insights can and will change the trajectory of your child’s life for the better.

This is part of a collection of Self Help Video talks entitled “The Cultivation of Wisdom”, given by a Professional Psychotherapist.
The talks cover many common mental health issues we all face. All relate to some aspect of inner psychological work. Video’s are approx. 30-45 min’s. long and are offered freely to help people understand their inner life.
Talks are all given directly by this therapist after accumulating 36 years in his private psychotherapy practice and serving as a meditation teacher for the past 17 years.
May all beings live in the light.
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