Parenting Stress Relief, 3 Minute Therapy, Dr Christina Hibbert

Parenting is stressful! By nature, it’s just part of the deal. What can we parents do to overcome stress? Dr. Christina Hibbert shares four simple (and tested!) strategies to help you identify and overcome the stress in your family, home, work, and personal life.

Check out Dr. Hibbert’s post, “5 Key Strategies for Overcoming Parenting Stress,” for more in-depth strategies and tools. And visit her website for all kinds of resources to help you “overcome, become, and flourish!”

Visit to check out Dr. Hibbert’s online COURSES, including “PPD, Empowered” and “Women’s Emotional Health Across the Lifespan and then SUBSCRIBE for more on this and other important topics to help you Overcome, Become, & Flourish.

And check out Dr. Hibbert’s bestselling memoir, “This is How We Grow,”

And her other books, “Who Am I Without You” here:­-Self-Esteem/dp/1626251428/, and “8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise!”

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