#PARENTING: Should Parents Be Expected to Help Adult Children?

Responding to a 28 year old channel visitor’s comment under the video “Deborrah Cooper on Parenting: Enabling Adult Children Into Uselessness!” (https://youtu.be/LH0MCLjN868). She is a single Mom of a 2 and a 4 year old, about to graduate who is wondering why her mother won’t let her move in with her for awhile to help ease her burden. Deb explains in detail why the choices we make as adults and the repercussions of those choices are ours and only ours to bear. When does a child demanding such assistance cross over into entitlement? And when parents DO step in to “help” an adult who has made decisions contrary to those taught by their parents, is it codependency? How much should parents do to assist their adult children before that assistance becomes risky for both the adult child and the parent?

#entitlement #parenting #codependency

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