Parenting in the Age of Social Media by Motivational Simerjeet Singh in Hindi #InspiredLife Ep11

Inspirational speaker Simerjeet Singh brings a new series for all of us, on how to lead an inspired life. As part of this series, Simerjeet Singh addresses burning questions that have been worrying a majority of individuals.

Many parents are witnessing an alarming phenomenon in their kids. With the advent of a 24×7 connected age, children have been gravitating more towards a make-believe life in the throes of what we call the Internet, rather than building a real life with those around them. Gone are the days when we see children of a society playing games like ‘Gilli danda’ in the street below. Gone are the days when after school excitement meant friends catching up for the customary play time.
Today, from YouTube to Instagram to PS to PUBG, devices have replaced the input sources in children’s lives.

One concerned parent voices out the question, “How do we bring up our children in the day and age of distractive and destructive social media?”

In this part of the series #InspiredLife, Simerjeet Singh helps clarify the major challenges that parents are facing due to social media abuse among kids, how this is affecting the psyche and real social lives of children and what one can do to prevent or contain the abuse of gadgets in the virtual world.

Some pertinent parenting tips in this motivational video for all the anxious parents whose children are addicted to social media.

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Nowadays, the parent teenager relationship becomes stressful.
They are living in the same home but they don’t talk much to each other.
Parenting in the age of social media is getting effected. Children are more engaged with social media than their parents. Many parents also wrote Simerjeet Singh about their problems and asked them for solutions. We already have a series on parenting called Nurturing for the Future where Simerjeet Singh is giving parenting counselling to all parents.

In this motivational video Simerjeet Singh Motivational Speaker in Hindi is answering the questions as written below:
-How to make children free from stress?
-How to Help Your Child Manage Stress?
-How we can manage our Child Anxiety?
-How to deal with teenagers?

These parenting tips in Hindi will help you to understand your child and make them stress-free. He is one of the best parenting coach. He is especially sharing parenting tips for teenagers in this video.
Thank you for all for the love and support that you have given to parenting videos by Simerjeet Singh and also for #InspiredLife series.

Hope you’ll like these parenting tips for Indian parents !

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