Parenting in the 21st Century by Simerjeet Singh |Parenting Tips in Hindi for Indian Parents #NFTF 1

As parents, we nurture a lot of aspirations for our children. Since times immemorial, it has been seen that parents begin dreaming about their children’s profession the moment they are born. A child’s birth is one of the most significant milestones in a parent’s life and bringing children up keeps getting tougher by the day.
There are a lot of factors contributing to this difficulty, some of them, being small families, changing technologies, changing cultural nuances, greater exposure to worldly ways, increasing number of career choices, etc.
What does it take to nurture children of the future?
Are your parenting skills still the same as those of your parents? Or have you upgraded yet?
How are you managing information overload with your children?

In this parenting video for nurturing children of the future, Hindi motivational speaker and parenting coach Simerjeet Singh touches upon these and a whole lot of other interesting aspects around bringing up children in the 21st century. Simerjeet Singh urges parents, teachers, coaches and professionals to think differently when it comes to bringing up children, because the future is all about innovators, young entrepreneurs, status quo challengers, creative minds and curiosity mongers who can take on the challenge of the 4th industrial revolution with the alacrity and the audacity of a winner.
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Parenting in the 21st Century by Simerjeet Singh |Parenting Tips in Hindi for Indian Parents #NFTF 1

Parents are teachers, guides, leaders, protectors and providers for their children, every parent want that their child gets well settled in the future but for that, they have to understand that, According to the future of work world economic forum, The Future of Work, Jobs are changing day by day.

Jobs of the future for kids will be more different from past jobs and the future will be digital. To make parents understand about future jobs and parenting tips in Hindi. We are here with Parenting Videos by Simerjeet Singh to deliver the best Parenting tips for Indian Parents.

#NFTF Series with Simerjeet Singh on parenting will provide you parenting guidelines, for your children’s better future.

If you want to be good parents then these Simerjeet Singh videos in Hindi for parenting counselling will be best for you to work on parenting guidance for teenager.

Simerjeet Singh’s parenting videos in Hindi will make you clear about which are good parenting tips and how-to guide your child towards the future.

Every child has different needs and interests. Behind every child who believes in himself is a parent who believed in them first, so believe your child and let him do what he wants.
TO be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.
Always remember that Old patterns equal to old results we have to change it with new patterns of thoughts, beliefs, and our inputs, to get the new results.

More parenting tips for teenagers, tips for good parenting, will be covered in the next videos.
Stay tuned for more videos like these!!

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