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Is it possible to raise a perfect child in this imperfect world?

We know as parents we have a responsibility to make sure that our kids are safe and are raised in a positive and healthy family environment.

But, how far do we go with that. What if my child doesn’t listen to what I say? What if my child doesn’t grow up to be the way I want them to be.

Every parent has the dream to raise a perfect child. We want our children to be successful in school, religiosity, spirituality, sports, etc, etc.

But, is that even possible?

Parents try to do this with their children, and it’s not fair to them.

We’re all born with different capacities and capabilities, and have the ability to gain different sorts of understandings and skills.

You cannot deal with your children as if they’re all going to be the same.

Consider instead focusing on raising a responsible child. Teach them values so that when they grow older and make their own decisions, they’ll do so based on particular values.

But, to attempt to make them perfect is not realistic.

Look at the Prophet Nuh (Noah).

For 950 years he called the people away from shirk and kufr. If anyone deserved to save their children, it’s him. But, Allah taught us an important value in the Quran about our children.

He taught us that you don’t guide whom you will or love. But, it’s Allah that guides whom ever He wants.

Our responsibility is to do our part, which is to deliver the message and provide them with the skills, knowledge, and environment that would raise them in a healthy way.

But, as they grow older, the decisions, choices, and mistakes are not your responsibility.

The Prophet Nuh, after 950 years tried calling his son, even when the danger of the flood was there. But, his son chose to be among the non-believers. And, Allah didn’t hold Nuh accountable for it.

The Prophet Nuh did his best and his son made his choices.

For us, we do our best and the rest is in the hands of Allah.

I’ll be discussing this and more in my seminar about building a healthy family life in my seminar “Protect This House,” coming to a city near you.

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