Parenting Advice & Millennials : Life Tips From The CEO Episode 20

Life beats kids down enough as they grow up, the best thing a parent can do is instill confidence and encouragement so they can aspire to achieve big goals.

Brett DiNovi is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst & the founder & CEO of the largest award-winning behavioral consultation group of its kind on the East Coast of the United States which deploys over 400 consultants throughout NJ, PA, NY, DE, & worldwide through the use of remote video consultation.

Brett has the unique and distinguished experience of studying the principles of applied behavior analysis under the rigorous scrutiny of both Dr. Julie S. Vargas (formerly Skinner) and Dr. E.A. Vargas at West Virginia University’s internationally recognized program. For the past 27 years, Brett has used behavior analytic principles to create large-scale change across school districts, fortune 500 companies using principles of organizational behavior management (OBM), and across individual learners. Brett has been a OBM consultant in Morgantown WV, an instructor at West Virginia University, a guest lecturer at numerous universities, a speaker on multiple Comcast Newsmakers TV programs, an expert witness in due process hearings, has publications in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, and has been in in executive leadership positions across schools and residential programs nationwide. In addition to an award from South Jersey Biz Magazine for “Best Places to Work,” & an award for “Best of Families” in Suburban Magazine, & and the distinguished “Top Ranked U.S. Executives” award, Brett’s proudest accomplishment is being a role model and father for his daughter and two stepchildren (one of which has autism).

Brett DiNovi & Associates (BDA) uses the principles of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) to consult with companies by pinpointing key performance indicators (KPI’s), assisting in the precise measurement of them using proprietary algorithms, and making the smallest changes that have the most impact on the organization’s bottom line and quality for its stakeholders.


We use the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to provide intensive education & training for schools, government agencies, and individuals that require scientific leadership principles to create substantial behavior change.


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