Parenting advice for every parent | Parenting Tips 2019

This video parenting advice for every parent brings special parenting tips for parents. These parenting tips 2019 are acquired after interacting with 1 lac children in India. Parenting advice is also like a prayer is dedicated to all the children of the world.

Gratitude to all the children of the world who silently take everything that adults give to them in the name of education, learning, ethics, emotions, roles, responsibilities, future, culture, religion, caste, government, border, success, gender, nation, science, fear, hypocrisy of care-concern-love, experience, being practical, rationalism, do’s & dont’s, right-wrong, good-bad, security, world beliefs …

प्यारे बच्चो
इस धरती पर आप आए
हम माँ बाप के जरिये
न की हम माँ बाप के लिए
बस इतना याद रखिये

Dear Children
You came to this planet
Through us
Not for us
Just remember this much

गर भूल जाये बात ये हम
तब अपनी मासूम मुस्कराहट से
जगा देना हमें कहकर की
इस धरती पर हम आए
आप माँ बाप के जरिये
न की आप माँ बाप के लिए

If we forget this truth
Then with your innocent smile
Awaken us with sweet words
We came to this planet
Through you
Not for you

Parenting or parroting that is the question we must ask to our conscience.

Also we must ask to our conscience what do we mean by parenting or why have we chosen the option to be a parent or why do we want kids to be born?

These questions are vital for each father and each mother who already have given birth to a child and also for those who are in process to invite children to this planet.

With greater humbleness let us understand that before we became parents and before we enter this so-called adulthood our first on this planet realm was childhood and where is that childhood gone? Prime important question is where is that child gone who came to this planet and began the journey of life as a child, where is that child now?

This prayer is from parents to children to help remind us who we were when we landed on this planet.

Sharing abundance of gratitude and being grateful to all children on this planet…

PS: these are no more parenting tips or parenting styles or how to – parenting or parenting skills or parenting training or learning to be a parent or art of parenting or anything in context with parenting nevertheless it is a simple prayer to children only to help parents to just awaken them if at all they fall asleep into their adult world completely ignoring the existence of children…


Parenting advice for every parent | Parenting Tips 2019

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