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• Principal MessageGood Afternoon Reed Families,

It’s pretty amazing to think about how far we’ve come and the fact that we have less than 1 month of the 2019-20 school year left. While we don’t have the opportunity to watch some of the growth in person, we are seeing it in Achieve, Dreambox, and Lexia scores. I know at home some of that growth may be less obvious as it is gradual and it’s with the people you are seeing most minutes of the day, but take a look at some of their past work to realize the progress that has been made. We are seeing growth in student’s preparing work and presenting during virtual class meetings. We are seeing it in the work submitted by packets or in google classroom. And we are seeing it in ways that transcend far beyond pure academics. 

In speaking of academics, I cannot stress enough how important it is for the students to be practicing and engaging with the blended learning links on our Reed homepage. These programs are intuitive and do not require any extra instruction from the parent. If you can be present, give them a quiet place to work and monitor their progress but you do not have to specifically teach any lessons with these programs. Our teachers can check in and assign specific lessons to fill in learning gaps for Math and the reading practice in the other programs is critical to overall academic improvement. Continue to remind your student that reading, writing, math, comprehension and critical thinking skills build upon each other, and to strengthen their foundation by engaging and participating with these skills as much as possible. 

The work we are all doing behind the scenes will not be celebrated, it won’t be on the news, and it won’t go viral on the internet. But, it is unquestionably vital to the continued success of our young people. The tough times won’t last, but the toughness this is building within absolutely will. Stay mentally strong, stay focused on improvement, stay positive with one another, and let’s continue to work together to accomplish our goals!•

Reed R.O.C.K.S. focus – CONSIDERATEOur focus for this week is being CONSIDERATE. I’m sure we have all seen some frustrations flare up whether it’s been amongst adults, the kids, or both. It’s important for us to realize our kids are always watching, listening, and in turn learning. What is it they are learning from us when we talk to them, when we comment at the TV or another driver, or speak to others in the community? Continue to be the role model for the characteristics that you want reflected from your young person. Being considerate is free! Let’s see where we can put some more of that in the community!

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