Organization Hacks For A Stress-Free Morning With The Kids

Get your life together with the Nifty Organization Journal:

Here is what you’ll need!

Organization Hacks For A Stress Free Morning With The Kids

Hanging shelf
Adhesive hook
Longer Bin
Sandwich bags


Hanging Shelf
Hang shelf on closet rod.
Prepare outfits for the week.

Command Center
Hang a corkboard, whiteboard, and an adhesive hook on the wall.
Leave notes on the corkboard.
Write your to-do list on the whiteboard along with a weekly menu.
Hang backpacks on the hooks.
Leave shoes in the same area.

Routine Chart
Fold top of paper inward.
Fold bottom of paper inward to overlap the top a bit.
Staple the top of the paper without stapling the bottom.
Cut the bottom half of the paper to make them into folding tabs.
Write done on the outside of each tab.
Write and draw out each task on the inside area when the tab is lifted.
Tape onto wall.

Meal Prep Lunches
Make sandwiches wrapped in parchment paper.
Add cut veggies into a small plastic bag.
Add both along with string cheese to a bin labeled “lunch”.
In another bin labeled “lunch”, add plastic bags filled with sliced fruits and fruit cups.
Add cheese and crackers into a small plastic bag. Pack turkey or ham into each bag.
Add the filled plastic bag in a bin with fruit cups, string cheese, and clementines.
Add drinks and yogurt into a bin labeled “drinks/yogurt”.

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